Pennywise - Full Circle

ll Circle

  1. Fight Till You Die
  2. Date With Destiny
  3. Get a Life
  4. Society
  5. Final Day
  6. Broken
  7. Running Out Of Time
  8. You'll Never Make It
  9. Every Time
  10. Nowhere Fast
  11. What If I
  12. Go Away
  13. Did You Really
  14. Bro Hymn Tribute


Fight Till You Die

Look all around you there's a war that's going on
A struggle against the odds thats's breaking out and must be one
They're getting ready with the weapons they have found
Take inspiration from the sound
See it in the faces of the people everyday
We need to take control and find some ammo right away
our cause is righteous and we're gonna have our say
Get ready for the judgment day
Go ahead and try
Or kiss your ass good-bye
People of society are running for their lives
Get up now and go
Or your never gonna know
Never gonna make it in your houses lying low
Give it one good try
Give it all and fight till you die
A Puppet government
Their dying in the streets
Families are breaking up cause underpaids can't make ends meat
The establishment has put their money underground
Cause they all know what's coming down
A lucky precious with money in their banks
Can't imagine what it's like to find yourself in homeless ranks
They've got no conscience for the ones who won't survive
The time for payback has arived
All alone in your own society outside are the cries of lives in misery
an evil plot of a false democracy subjugating souls just dying to be free


Date With Destiny

A burning plane as its going down the last scream before it hits the ground
A lost ship on a raging sea a blinking distress signal of emergency
A run away train careening off the tracks the last breath before a heart attack
The earthquake as it shakes your room promising falling skies in impending doom
One chance you feel it before you meet with your destiny
One chance you need it to com to terms with mortality
All thats important to me
Everything inside of me
All that's trivial will fade and soon recede you will see when on a date with destiny
Look in the jaws of your own demise watch your life pass before your eyes
Did you live like a dream come true or did you just survive?
Did you do all you could do?
In a fall from a burning tower
What would you do with just one more hour?
Live that hour out everyday
Like it was your last you'll live much better that way
You're on a date with destiny


Get a Life

Wake up with The feeling That The Whole world got You down Pressure That keeps building got You Dragging on the Ground Chaos Keeps On losing in No answers To Be found for What You are feeling now danger that surrounds You it gets worse here everyday Criminals In power want To take your rights away never hear your Protest They won't have You have your say can't find a better way but You don't TRY just sit There and Whine about your decline I Think it's pathetic sort of life You Choose methods abused - solutions refused well good for You but some day You will loose your life without even giving it a TRY depression's the only Thing you'll find give it one Chance before You Die just got one day To get a life everyday Procrastinate You won't get very far listen To religion Try and tell You Who You Are marionettes on TV sets parade across your Screen But You donna Know What It all means think there is No point in Trying To Get Up each day When Problems Theta confound only Speed your Slow decay future's relegated To a Bland Pathetic waste cause You can't find a better way know you'll never make it You don't even want To Try waiting for the day when You can curl up and Die tell anyone Who'll Listen The world's out To get You Blame Anyone You Want You Get The Life You Choose So When You gone get a Clue No one's gone wait for You only You can make it all come True a never-ending Struggle But One Day You'll See The light may not think you'll make it don't give up without a fight Stay fast To aspirations of what You think is right and fight on with all your might



society We all Know There's something Wrong and We know it all along sincerity You may Think There's No one else till They put You on a Shelf Society pay your taxes Stand in line help Them Plan for your demise society Crush The weak To get your Share cause nobody's Playing fair and No one cares how long You Pray makes No difference today When Your Society devices how you'll pay when finding the Truth Makes No Difference To You anyway You look at it you're gone get Screwed - You loose society No one here can get along cause our history's To long sincerity To all the leaders it's a game and it's making You insane society think you're going with the Flow but You never really know society data patterns are supplied Proof TAP back up all the lies we're hardly alive


Final Day

You got a Problem You don't Know it don't know how long You can suffer it and it burns You can feel it till The bitter end it didn't have To Be This way You could have carried on another Chance for You To test your Freedom Where did it Go Wrong? Don't Know How Long iT'SBeeN inside You but You weren't feeling right together We could always solve You Problems But now you're out of sight how many times did I ask u What's going on? didn't We have So many Thought in common where did it Go wrong? Aint no use in denying with each word Spoken You give yourself away your Troubles are multiplying You Lying as soon as You are gone face you're final day don't know When It 'S Gone come your final day You didn't Think That I would notice I See It In Your eyes the Tragic Flaw was You forgot To back up all your alibis You kept it hidden deep inside You how You were feeling Then Did You Give All Of Your time To someone? was the time well Spend? You Got a Problem You Don't Know It Don't Know How Long You Can Suffer It And It Burns You Can Feel It Till The Bitter End All That's Hidden within You is worth repeating say What You want To say You got To Try and just get Through What's In You or soon You are gone face your final day



been Stuck on The outside since I can't remember When got up just long enough for Them To beat Me down again They Crawl inside MY mind hoping There To find ways To Be fucking with MY head They'll never get the best of Me I'm fighting back until i'm dead cause I've Been used been abused i've been Bruised I've Been Broken and i'm baked up against the wall but MY will To survive can't Be Stolen And You Can't make Me fall half-wits and dim pundits TRY To ruin MY good name parents and Therapists tell Me i'm the one To Blame They say "take it like a man" but I Can't understand WHY they won't leave Me alone best Friends And enemies Think I'd Do better on MY own when I Think I Can't Go On Just want To Stay home in MY bed the Problems Of This fucked up world seem To Be kept up in MY head I Take a look around - There's nowhere To Be found somewhere To justify MY life I guess I'll Try To keep on Trying someday i'll get it right


Running Out of Time

people all around us are covering up Their eyes hard To find The answers believing all the lies wonder When we'll Stop it when will all of This end got one last message To send we're killing off the Planet The End is Drawing near Brother fighting brother a world interned BY fear if We don't TRY and stop it We Slowly Start To Die Got This One Last Chance To TRY If You want a future Then You decide it's Crumbling All Around You It happens here So many times must Be some solutions To find a way if We don't get some answers one day soon You can bet we're going To pay There's Got To Be a Way So give us one good sign To decide Whose side we're on cause we're running out of time millennium upon us and Still We Are denied Fruits Of public labour unevenly supplied Prosperity Is limited To just a Precious few only one Thing left To Do ancients Spent religions serve To separate the race into Tribes That fight each other System Must Be replaced xenophobic zealots are Preparing for war What Is It We're Fighting For nation of Hypocrisy discontent of lunacy afraid we'll never See the signs start the quest To find the Truth take No more of this abuse or one day You will find You running out of time


You'll Never Make It

first you're on a roll and Then You loose control then You can't decide You Think You lost your mind When You wan get it but now it is Too late nothing You can say your anger turns To hate your body gets excited Preparing for The dance No time To Be afraid nothing is left To Chance Can't avoid the feeling your world's about To end the secret is revealed one day you'll wake up dead You wan live - you'll never make it immortal State of mind but we're the Dying kind extinguishing the Breed Throughout all history never can surrender You can't give up the game never won the fight You best Prepare To Die When You hear Those voices calling You To the Grave Stop wasting all your days Start living right away or soon You will regret it your Cannes have all gone one massage left To send your life will soon end You will Be sorry when it's all gone you've lost your chance To make some history you've lost the game and now you'll See There's No escape mortality You think You have a future but you're Wrong You are wrong


Every Time

Every Time I turn around I see places that look so unreal. Every Time I try to say exactly how I feel And when I look at you I see a different side each and every time I try to find another place there's nothing I can find I wanna say feel it slipping away It happens ever time you're in my mind I want to say things that to you are true but I'm not sure about you I'll never be who you want me to be - gotta take some time in my life Won't ever know until I try I just gotta know why Wouldn't you like all the best things out of life? All you got to do is just try Then run for your life All you gotta do Is what's best for you All you gotta do is get through And run this sullen room I search for things that I can find To hold on to to help me through Nothing can be divined All of these images start crumbling from my memory I search my mind go back in time To the way things used to be


Nowhere Fast

and So You Spread your lies, won't face reality and endless fight a Struggle To Be Free Close minded fools and Their Hypocrisy The Endless time You take away From Me I don't need your Sympathy Why Do You Think your better Than Me idleness antipathy Why Do You want To Stop our Scene Your way of life the paths You Choose You will never TRY So You can only loose Broken mirrors Shattered Glass You Can sell your soul but You are going nowhere fast and So You exercise your own free will I Exercise MY fucking right To kill your vicious lies You Propagate Your Swill Of you're Whole kind I've had MY fill you're So Transparent You Don't Think I Can See Right Through You all of your venom directed reflected right back on yourself give your opinion To anyone Who Will listen To You but I wish You would just give it To someone else all I get from You is some bullshit attitude I See It in your eyes but You don't realise I'm waiting for the day When you'll See a better way We may not Be So kind To You next time and So You spread your lies, won't face reality and endless fight a struggle To Be free Close minded fools and their hypocrisy i've got ideals You can't take away from Me


What if I

I've heard it all before could hear it all a Thousand times more Playing with Me all The time No one feels the same and sanity is all a game locked up deep inside your mind hey Die - You want an alibi hey quit - You want To get a fix hey Try - you'll never make it tonight You can feel it deep inside all of the illusions for Myself What if I Try To make amends for someone else what if I Try To Change The way I'm feeling deep inside what if I died filled with sorrow wanting another Try No one can face the Truth was There nothing more That You Could Do What would You Do different next time keep turning From The past the future's coming much To fast or is it all in My mind


Go Away

a world full of pollution a Shit infested sea we'll make our own solutions take 'em down make 'em See You can't dump in The ocean waste From your endless Greed come To your own conclusions must unite To Be Free cause salvation's on it's way When We are united There's nothing Standing In Our Way or our own agenda and we're gone have our say you're never gone Stop us we're never gone Go away corporations run the nation We have To make a Stance let's Start a revolution if We can't No one can We must Be represented or it's not democracy let's put our minds together and soon comes victory What good is government when They just want To govern Me we'll make our own decisions take 'em down make 'em See We got To Stand Together We got make some noise


Did You Really

tell Me all your Problems I'll save your soul it could make You feel better but You never really Know don't give up on tomorrow save your Scene It may not get any better living isn't Free offer up solutions Do What You wan Do remove all of The people Who Tell You lies about what you're going Through did ya really wanna die This question now keeps repeating in My mind a Shot heard in the night an unheard Cry a fatal fight but did You really wanna Die what did You hope To find did You want To find the answers somewhere Floating In The Night Did You Really Wan Die Tell Me I'm forgiven save MY soul one Thing I've regretted is i'll never really know value What's been given To You and Me how many times We said it living isn't free don't Think You can make it I Can understand a Phone call far away To lend a helping hand don't think I Can Make It Give It One more Try don't think I Can take it can't believe you'd really wan Die I'd help You give it one more Try did You really wan Die help You give it one more Try I Know You didn't wan Die From words That You would Write Now They're The only thing that help Me make it through the night I Know You Didn't Wan Die


Bro Hymn Tribute

To our best Friend past Pressed and beyond even Though They weren't with us Too long your life is The most Precious Thing That We could loose While You were here the fun was never ending laugh a minute only the beginning Jason (my brother) Matthew Thirsk This ones for You ever get the feeling You can't Go on just remember Whose side it is that you're on you've got Friends With You till the end if you're ever in a tough situation we'll Be There With No hesitation Brotherhoods Our rule that cannot bend When You're Feeling Too Close To The bottom You Know Who It Is You can count on someone will pick You up again We can conquer anything together all of us are bonded forever if You Die I Die That's The way it is