BLIND GUARDIAN LYRICS - Follow The Blind (1989)

Follow The Blind (1989)

1. Banished From Sanctuary
2. Damned For All Time
3. Follow The Blind
4. Hall Of The King
5. Fast To Madness
6. Beyond The Ice
7. Valhalla
8. Barbara Ann

1. Banished From Sanctuary

In deserts I was preaching The hand of god was with me
Baptised with water and I praised
The one who came behind me
To save us all with the holy ghost
-a prophet of the fools I've been lost

I'm sure you're there wandering around
But do you care for me I'm alone
You talk of love not for me
In my dungeon cold I could think about
All the things you've said
But I can't understand your famous son

No no turning back
I'm banished from sanctuary
The darkness in me is filling me with pain
There's no way to turn back for eternity

In shadows I'm walking and caught in loneliness
Deliverance I wait for but how long?
Are you the one who should come show me the light in you
Or should we wait for someone? Another!

[Solo: Andre/Lead:Marcus/Andre]

Your reich should come to this world
Your way smoothed by my blood, friend
My might will decrease but you'll get
High, yes so much higher be careful of the rats, friend
Cause they'll never sleep before they catch you, too

The blind can see the sun, cripples walk alone
The deaf can hear my words they believe just believe
They believe in me. Look! The signs are near
To perform my task to perform my way
To perform the way I walked
The way of the crucifix

I hear the hangman coming, I wait for execution


2. Damned For All Time

Conquer the whole world to satisfy
Their lust for pain and terror
Disguise their faces to hide them
In the dark Determination

The oath on the runestaff is the highest
The ruin of a nation Step by step Destiny

Damned for all time - but what's time
Tales of the one who's born to change

And as the earth was old and cold
She closed her eyes and fell to sleep
Violation ruled the world
The dark kingdom's time

He's called Hawkmoon wearing a sign
Black jewel in his head
He's the one who's forever there
He's born a thousand times

Damned for all time In every age he existed
Damned for all time In every future he'll live
For all time He's crying He's crying

Hey strange one I know you're standing there
The faces are they mine?
Are you out there?
Watch out for the day, friend I'll know your name
Hear my laughter

Oblivion - who's blowing the horn
Oblivion - who's killing the gods

[Ref:] Damned...

Dark kingdom's lost now. No pain storms the land
Strange things are happening. Changing of all planes
In the universe by a bad magician
To conquer the power of this magic
A place where truth waits must be found Tanelorn

Damned for all time - who am I?
Once I've been called Erekose

I was Elric - I'll be Corum I'm the prince of the south ice
Now I'm nothing Wait for someone Wait for Ilian No! I'm Hawkmoon

Oblivion - the war is eternal
Oblivion - the battle is endless

[Ref:] Damned...

3. Follow The Blind

Follow the blind
Your journey, your last hope, it can begin
These passing dreams were real not fantasy
There are more things than we know Come take my hand

Searching for the talisman you'll find it
On another plane far from all time
Maybe you wonder while you see The same faces
Everywhere You can find yourself in it
'cause you're a part

I'm another Strange my feelings Where I am here For a short time
I remember I had been here

I'm alone, follow me!
Calling you, follow me!
I'm alone, follow me!
Follow the blind
Follow me
Follow me it's my time
Follow me
Follow the blind

Wandering in my darkest dreams Iron shadows are lurking at me
In this desert the tyrant's calling On the run to save my love
She's full of pain The queen is lying far behind
In an endless dream

Before I thought I was dreaming
A strange voice whispers in my ears
You're the rat in the trap
Return, pain will come to you

Ref: I'm alone...No!

4. Hall Of The King

Alone I walk, hearing a voice, That's calling my name
No one with you, God, why I didn't care
On through death take me away
To the place time will not fade
Colder than dead, Darkness - eternity, But look out

A hundred thousand centuries The sun had never seen
So near but much too far Eternal place you know what's life
But cannot tell

I can never see you changing But you look to me
Time will never heal your wounds But you're immortal

Hall of the King a vision of the end
Hall of the King don't cry for us
Don't hear us calling Oh watch out for me Hall of the light
My last sin

You find yourself, just take a look To see you must open your eyes
Like a hawk in the sky, a wonder that dies Don't ask me why


You're the birth and you're the end
You've been hurt but you're not dead
Discovering you is what should never be
Poisoned are our souls, And dark our hearts
Ruins we have left to rule the world
Destructive are our minds, It's much too late
[Solo:Kai Hansen / Harmony lead: Kai Hansen]

[Ref:] Hall...

5. Fast To Madness


White hair and red eyes he is holding the crown
The king of the island Elric Melnibone
He's born for destruction
He's ruled by the Gods eternal hero
The scale of the universe

Blood on his hands he's born a thousand times
Why don't we feel the signs from the dragon king

Before the end of fire his journey starts
The eagle's spreading his wings following his fate
He's ruled from anywhere leads him to truth it's deep inside

Hail to the king they bless tonight He's the Saviour of our time
In a dark land far behind noone knows its name
There's a dark sword cold as ice A blade created for him

Stormbringer cries for the soul of everyone
Stormbringer cries "The ending has begun"

Run fast to madness Forever I
Run fast to madness Leave him alone

[Ref:] Run...

Destiny calling him back to the island
And time? Time is standing still
Time is not real [2x]

Armed with weapon awaiting the fight
He's leading the dragon The sun will never rise
Creatures are lurking in darkness they hide
High in the sky the dragon king is flying

Hail to the king of Melnibone
He's the Saviour of our time

Mourning desert rottingness Blade of dark will rise
Gods divine are hiding in the dark Needing Elric's hand

Stormbringer cries "I'm forged in darkest time"
Stormbringer cries "The ending has begun"

[Ref:] Run...

6. Beyond The Ice

[Lead: Andre]

7. Valhalla

High in the sky where eagles fly Morgray the dark enters the throne

Open wide the gate friend the king has come
Blow the horn and praise the highest lord
Who'll bring the dawn he's a new god in the palace of steel
Persuade the fate of everyone The chaos can begin let it in

[Bridge:(Kai Hansen)]
So many centuries, so many gods
We were the prisoners of our own fantasy
But now we are marching against these gods
I'm the wizard, I'll change it all

Valhalla - Deliverance
Why've you ever forgotten me [2x]

Magic is in me I'm the last magic man
Never found what I was looking for
Now I found it but it's lost

The fortress burns Broken my heart
I leave this world All gods are gone

[Bridge:(Kai Hansen)]
So many centuries, so many times
We were the prisoners of our own fantasy
But then we had nothing to lead our lives
No no we didn't play with our time

[Ref:] Valhalla...

8. Barbara Ann

[By Fred Fassert]