Telemetry of a Fallen Angel Lyrics

Cruxshadows - Telemetry of a Fallen Angel

Walk Away
Miss Fortune Returns
My World
Fallen Angel
Hanged Man
Marilyn, My Bitterness
Daedelus Flight...Icarus Falls



Feed 1: Descension (:58)

Telemetry 2: Monsters (4:46)

Hide the window watching give hands that push the faces back shiver in the alleys and dying in the cold little hands and little faces what are you running from? they're creeping on your satin sheets and dancing in your nightmare

Watching at the window the ledge which we provide there's someone up above me there's someone scratching softly little monsters in the chimney all black and stained with soot come creeping to my bedroom and lead me here to sleep

dancing in your darkness dancing in your fear forgetting all your hidden monsters shedding all your tears

Telemetry 3: Jackal-Head (6:32)

Shifting inside patterns the division multiples echoing the mystery mimicking the slide sound searching slowly below the flaming web moving with his eyes like fire with his jackal-head (with his jackal-head)

Give it all to birth give it all to life take it all for granted until we turn and die

She answers with her staff silence from her breath silhouettes of temples falling visions of certain death hand lift it from the pocket the prophet falls to red the sacrifice is offered to his jackal-head (to his jackal-head)


He who defiles the tomb of the pharaoh shall surely find swift death He who defiles the womb of the pharaoh's queen shall surely find swift death

Feed 4: Prometheus

Your windows closes I am crucified there shall be no more mockery of the gifts of the gods no more comparisons no more distortions my heart is heavy as stone I am Prometheus all courses I am aware of from here oh you, frail of heart I am not without pity take heed, one final nail unnamed / undriven This Nail Shall Represent Hope

Telemetry 5: Clerestory (4:48)

Where the light burns a little brighter where the shadows dance on the walls where holy men hide their holy secrets the sacredness of life is sold standing under gold and silver I see the procession rise seated in his thrown of power he proceeds to close his eyes

They try but the stone has broken they try but the ceiling falls they try but there's no momentum they try but don't we all

na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na

Telemetry 6: Walk Away (8:09)

In this fading image we'll carve our destiny sometimes life is a cruel friend sometimes that's what we need

I'll hold my eyes when the light comes in I'll sell my silence for a song now I won't die if you walk away but I may not live

Now I watch as the rain comes down to purify this pain when mountains crumble and stars collide I am what remains

There are lessons that sadness can only teach there are things that we must learn now I won't die if you walk away but I may not live

Feed 7: Miss Fortune Returns (:50)


Telemetry 8: My World (5:24)

This room is screaming emptiness silence breaks the air it leaves me lying on the floor it leaves me dying there

crawling through the trenches you stand behind each door blood & sweat & muddy water up against the crashing shore

Take my hand, its my world understand we'll make it real play with me in my world all of this is my world

black fire rising higher it breaks across the line there's hell to pay and we'll pay all day because the fires mine


The source is moving closer I can taste the water now I feel the heavens shaking as angels come dropping down


Feed 9: Fallen Angel (:45)

Telemetry 10: Hanged Man (5:40)

Call the card left to lay just a path against our future days lay direction read the face understand our crooked ways

smile at this directed plain her eyes are cracking in their wrinkled gaze the light is dancing on the tabletop restlessness that just won't stop

now planted deeply suggesting fate eating sweet naiveté was it mirror or window glass? the subtle residue beyond your grasp

Hang the man by his legs let us hang the man


Feed 11: Purgatory (1:48)

I see you watching looking back at me these hellish eyes they are not mine I see the blood and saliva dripping from your tongue did the angel fall? when was this monster born?

Why do I sit here staring at this face? these wings of mine they have burned away! these wings of mine they have burned away!

Telemetry 12: Marilyn, My Bitterness (5:53)

I don't understand how you've done these things to me I cannot comprehend you lack of loyalty for you I would have shaken down the heavens from the sky but it seems my love was stronger than this love of yours that died

Did you think it wouldn't hurt? did you think I wouldn't feel when the world came falling down? or maybe you didn't think at all and that's why I feel what I feel now did you think I wouldn't fall? did you think I wouldn't cry? did you think I wouldn't beg you to stay? one of these days you'll realize just what you've thrown away

now I lie here in this empty bed and all I think about is you and I wonder if you miss me now and if your bed is empty too


Marilyn, my bitterness I've fallen to a stranger nightmare Marilyn, oh Marilyn I cannot... find my way / break away

I'll absorb this agony I'll carry all this pain I'll wipe away this emptiness I'll purify this stain My wings will fold around me now for once a one was two and my memory is a monument that will always stand for you



now must I go away?

Feed 13: Daedelus Flight...Icarus Falls (1:21)

Telemetry 14: Satellite (5:51)

Rolling back towards the continent instrumental forces die save excitement for line behavior signal shifting to enter flight

my back is burning in the heat of the atmosphere my engine roars and the throttle cries I'm now pulling on my navigation bringing me down out of the sky

I've seen the face It seems they've always been here ten thousand years tonight copy Houston, request location signal over...Satellite

The madness creeping with system failure the image scatters and the comlink fades the red planet below me hungry the red planet below me waits



(The Satellite Explodes)

Transmission Over.