Visions (1997)

1. The Kiss Of Judas
2. Black Diamond
3. Forever Free
4. Before The Winter
5. Legions
6. Abyss Of Your Eyes
7. Paradise
8. Coming Home
9. Visions

1. The Kiss Of Judas


I hear footsteps dosing in recognizing them from my early days.
The times are different the image remains the same,
repeating back flashes remembering the name, approaching visions of things.
I can't recall, a familiar smile awakes the pain.
Unkept promises, the night awaits, the act of confidence,
the kiss of Judas haunts me once again.
In your private chamber, you're all done.
The well earned silver pieces falling to the floor.
The flame of the candle costing movements to the wall,
your eyes filled with guilt keep staring at the door.

2. Black Diamond


Again I see you standing there watching me.
Your gaze, those eyes are tantalizing openly, inviting meto get close to you,
can't help myself.
There's fascination in the air.
I try to fight this strong sensation but there's no chance to escape
from this temptation.
Feels like I've known you before, repeating phrases,
but I yearn for something more.
I know I can't stay by your side forever,
but I know I won't forget your beauty,
my Black Diamond.

3. Forever Free


They try to give me answers to questions I've never asked.
I'll have no part in their conspiracy.
I guess I am the kind of guy that will never stray.
The thing I need is privacy, some guiding, depriving, misleading and combining.
They're watching our every move.
They can try to bind our arms, but they can't chain our minds or hearts.
We will keep our faith inside our souls and never let it go
We're Forever Free
You see them making headlines, new pictures tell old stories,
explaining what they have said and done.
Media's new illusion, creating more confusion
but I know that they'll soon be gone.

4. Before The Winter


Before the summer turns to winter, before the dreams will turn to snow.
I see the yellow leaves are falling and soon I know I have to go.
But I'll be back before the summer, next year you're in my arms again.
The winter breeze will send my message, it will keep you warm until then.
The path to home is long and winding.
I'll keep the flame alive for you until I am back.
You and I will walk that road together,
I'll show that all the dreams are true
if you only let them be before the winter.

5. Legions


Far in the core of the earth, first it was given birth.
We heard the call the message was so clear.
The tracks were laid for the future to come.
Sons and daughters of the Rising Sun, the armies in Europe here we come.
We run like the wind we play from the heart, now we are here together we sing.
Faster than light, higher than the sky, tonight we're together again.
Never give up and give in, stronger than steel
we're the legions of the twilight.
We survived the hard times, never accepted the lies,
you run like the wind you sing from the heart.
Now that we're here together we'll sing.
Faster than light...
When we have to go back home again,
we'll keep the mem'ries we gained inside our hearts.
Faster than light...
Raise your hands for us!

6. Abyss Of Your Eyes


I feel like I'm drowning, trying to catch my breath.
Don't know what is happening, there's no sense of time.
Deep underneath my skin, feeling the pain within hear my cry.
I feel drown towards you can't resist, I don't know why.
My life is changing I cannot recall, where I've been before
The abyss of your eyes, meaning so much more, am I losing my mind
The sun doesn't shine, but your eyes light my way,
I've found what I've been searching for, my love won't go astray.
Deep underneath...
The abyss of your eyes...
So many years my drifting heart has wandered around,
don't turn on me please, won't you stay by my side.
My life is changing I cannot recall, where I've been before.
The abyss of your eyes, meaning so much more, am I losing my mind.

7. Paradise


Late at night I find myself again wondering and watching tv.
I can't believe what's on the screen, something that I wouldn't like to see.
Many rare species will perish soon and we'll be short on food.
Why do we have to be so selfish, we've got to change our attitude.
I know that I am no the only one that's worried,
why don't we all wake up, and realize.
Like the birds in the sky we are flying so high,
without making any kind of sacrifice.
We've got so little time to undo this crime or we'll lose our Paradise.
It seems to me that there's no sense at all, nobody cares it's always the same.
Mother nature's crying out in pain I know we're the one's to blame.

8. Coming Home


I wake up in the morning so far away from home,
trying to make it through the day.
Many miles are between us, I'm sending my love from this payphone.
Through the storms we've wandered, many mountains we have climbed
but all the bad times are behind.
The road is free -
I'm coming Home.
Without you I am like a ship without it's sails, calling the wind to save me.
I'd climb the highest mountain,
I'd cross the seven seas just to see your smile again.
All the trust that was built along the years is coming back to stay I know.
Just look ahead the road is free -
I'm coming Home.
With every step I'm closer to home, when I'm back you won't be alone.
Soon I'll see the familiar door before my eyes and you.

9. Visions


I have seen the future of mankind, the wisdom of my prophecies you'll find.
Follow the truth and be careful are we the last?
Hundred years has passed what have we done, inconceivable damage under the sun.
I think it's too late to change the man - we are the last.
The world keeps turning while people yearn for more,
Mother nature is crying for change,
the time will come when we all must pay for what we have done,
are you prepared for that?
As we are reaching the end of the century there's message we can send,
be strong and bold and never lose your mind cause we are the last.
Signs of the end I see, let them hear my voice in every corner of the world,
take heed of the warnings that I give,
I have seen the Southern Cross forming in the sky.
"There shall be heard in the air the noise of weapons
and in the same year the divines shall be enemies.
They shall unjustly put down the holy laws and by thunder and war,
true believers shall die" - Nostradamus: Century I V:43-