TAPROOT LYRICS - Gift (2000)

Gift (2000)

1. Smile
2. Again & Again
3. Emotional Times
4. Now
5. 1 Nite Stand
6. Believed
7. Mentobe
8. I
9. Mirrors Reflection
10. Dragged Down
11. Comeback
12. Impact

1. Smile

smile, can't you see i am still me,
anti-authority, same philosophy,
enjoying life as much as i can i will.
trying to create that contagious smile
with that passion that I long to succeed
in my ways days pass by i am not gonna sit here
no more no more no more
won't you see you're not me
why would you want to be
you're an individual on your own
do what you want 'cuz you want to.

2. Again & Again

sick and angered by my friends
extremely cold and heartless
talkin shit behind my back about me to my friends
the source a jealous passion towards a spirit
stuck in contention and fame
just need some time to myself again
need to bring back the old days when i was in control of my life
again and again just endangered with my friends
extremely bold and honest i'll be
when it comes to me i said i'm sorry
but you don't hear me
i tried to say that i was sorry to you
but you don't think i speak honestly
that's ok cause i can move on i'm so sorry....

3. Emotional Times

life sucks sometimes,
friendships turn to lies,
a hatred in disguise it brings tears to my eyes,
i can see the truth from the neutral side in my mind,
confusion cripples me unto my element of control unsureness. emotional times i'm just fine.
trauma's etched in my mind, i can see 'em all the time,
i've seen my share of pain and suffering,
i am just fine,
respecting something more than nothing all the time,
and it's time, to move on.
i have seen my faith sailing away,
and i have seen my faith's coming back to me,
i can see it, coming back to me,
i can see it, i can taste it,
i can live it cuz i'm just fine

4. Now

well i need to be around you
and i need to see your eyes on me now
and i need to caress your face with mine
and i need to know that you care
'cause i bleed in pain when i'm without your soul
cause I love you on a level so high
it's hard sometimes i know i am to me
around you we have to be together now
I'll miss you while I'm gone but here and now is where I belong. will you wait around for me,
I hope so 'cause without each other we're wrong

5. 1 Nite Stand

i've come to grips unreality, through fatality,
realized just how much happiness brings to me.
fight. lately doubt and worries inflicted my mind
with an illness of ego, worst of it's kind.
been so busy unhappy, un-nerved
i can see my destiny is chasing me,
I am finally happy and ready to go.
i had a one nite stand with myself last night,
the fright of a lifetime,
once again i have proven my strength to myself, alone.

6. Believed

frankly modest truth dishonest
eyes upon us like a vulture in the sky
hovering carcass moulding earth filthy birth after...
friction based upon fiction replacing friendship
untrueness concentration speculation
heresy is controlling us
all this flagrant foul stench upon us
overwhelming everybody like an imaginary forklift
falsely you point your finger as a scolding mother fucker
sucker blamin' evil upon another under that pedestal
you hold yourself so high above us
i can't imagine what it's like to not give a shit about nothin but you're unbelieved a holy story led in motion
peers are punished for their individuality seperating us all

7. Mentobe

sometimes i just sit back and wonder
what was meant to be learned from that event that occured
everything happens for a reason right
i left behind just another tragic lesson in life
an organic rush adrenaline flight
high above the traumatised situation of life...
it's ironic, considerate rarity patron of love,
higher knowledge engulfs me 'cause,
the blast of fate a lesson,
to my eyes concerned and overwhelmed
theirs were of fear
yet i'm feelin' so empty inside
and yet it burns so akward this..
tears a waterfall of acid cries from his eyes,
i need to recognize,
it's meant to be...
he's alive and his cries just begin arisin'
suprisin' as well...
this little boy proud of helpin' those in need
but he's not me but just maybe he could be,
i can see it now because,
i'm a hero in his eyes temporarily blind
this immature kid a spirit as well an angel,
hiding by helping and wanting to understand..me...
it's somethin' with my pride, lies,
i cannot hide my true side,
and maybe in distress i can still come out laughing that's the way i am...
am i hard to recognize?
what do i need to realize?
why can't i see with my own fucking eyes?
what do i need to see?

8. I

I am seeing tunnel vision in a world that's dark and cold,
I cannot believe how much I've changed since the days of old,
I know it's temporary but
I need to focus straight,
I cannot believe I lost control of my fate,
I need forgiveness from the people I truely care about,
I need support behind my back to help me spit it out
I am gonna win,
I can't afford to blow this one,
I hate myself sometimes,
I love myself,
I need this way of life because it holds me.
Contradiction's the way of life
Happiness is wealthyness is healthy now
I've made it through those lies and deceit,
I think what's done is done and I can't complain anymore
I am sure now that I've found myself again it feels great
I can't believe I'd lost control of my fate.

9. Mirrors Reflection

I'm your mirror's reflection,
what you don't like about me is what you hate in yourself,
you should see through others eyes
before you go ahead and make 'em feel like shit
stop it but you won't because you hate yourselves images bitch, sometimes i get so frustrated
haunting visions in the back of my mind,
oh you struck a pose with your hand extended
open arms in an idiocratic ways
you try to lie to yourselves
but you can't break through that sacred wisdom of your spirit...
sometimes i would give anything
just to be somethin more than nothin'

10. Dragged Down

I am just a person like you,
I am just a fuck-up that's true,
but you're the only one
I'll turn to by my side everyday and night
it's time to climb out of this big black hole
even if i can justify that i am alive and alright
you're still the one i'll turn to by my side
so I cry alone,
I can't believe you drag me down again,
just when i think i'm fine
i always then realize that
i am the only one to turn to me inside.

11. Comeback

ill times rollin' lackin the flow
ache in my throat and wisdom seems so lost,
and yet it's better in ways it's different,
i miss those oldschool meditations when relaxing
and getting visions was a given
with my eyes closed i propose a toast,
to myself to find the time to ask my lord and galaxy
to point me in the right direction,
i got my foot in the door,
i gotta keep on writin' and stay planted to this world,
before i can take off....
please come back to me
i need to say goodbye to these old ways
stagnant lifestyle's no longer in my way,
i gotta keep on movin', so i pray,
and wait for a sign from my guides,
they help me proceed as i lay,
and dream of my future, i miss those times....
come back to me.....

12. Impact

I make an impact on lives
through truth as well as lies,
I overcome your eyes and leave an etched memory forever,
it's my gift my intentions, are only well,
its my gift, fine i lead people everyday,
always in the correct way, never lead astray,
and leave an etched memory forever
an open mind is hard to find.