TAPROOT LYRICS - Upon Us (1998)

Upon Us (1998)

1. Again And Again
2. Believed
3. Fear To See
4. Shine
5. Mentobe
6. Flatline
7. Comeback
8. Mirrors Reflection

1. Again And Again

sick and angered by my friends extremely cold and heartless
honest talkin shit behind my back about me to my friends
the source a jealous passion towards a spirit stuck in contention
and fame just need some time to myself again need to bring back
the old days when i was in control of my life again and again just endangered w/
my friends extremely bold and honest i'll be when it comes to me i said i'm sorry
but you don't hear me i tried to say that i was sorry to you
but you don't think i speak honestly thats ok cause i can move on i'm so sorry....

2. Believed

frankly modest speech dishonest eyes uponus like a vulture in the sky
hovering carcass moulding earth filthy birth afterlife friction
based upon fiction replacing friendship untrueness speculation concentration heresy
is controlling us all this flagrant foul stench upon us
overwhelming everybody like an imaginary forklife brother
you point you finger as a scolding motherf*cker sucker blaming evil
upon another under that pedestal you hold yourself
so high above us i can't imagine what it's like to not a give a sh*t about nothin live
the whole damn story led in motion peers are punished
for their individuality separating us all
i can't believe my friends would make such a lie even though it was
i that dishonored your trust but it's done
i can't change the past i am gonna make us last just believe in me
and i'll show you that they're nothing true

3. Fear To See

i see the truth upon that pedistal's frowning down upon me
like a trophy valued by masses of minds are closed to a variety
and change in a life so bland and boring uncontent living
through others learning from nothing experienced independantly
responsibilty pointing failure cause the reflection in the mirror is what you fear
to see like a trophy you pose like you're better than me like i care what you say...
whipped i've seen both sides of the fence
because changing is evolving a learning lesson through experience
more knowledge than your common man's 9 to 5 blindness uncontent w/
his well off being i'm just fine...no

4. Shine

fly so high like a star...
i'm str8 up representin' the spirit in the world that keeps on forgettin'
the meaning of life all things are dancin' in the rhythm of eternal harmony astrology
the portrait of wisdom across the skies is full of truth no lies...
like a star i'll shine every night w/
you by my side feels so right...all alone in a world so cold,
no, i'm not alone in a world so cold

5. Mentobe

it's ironic considerate rarity patron of love higher knowledge engulfs me
'cause the blast of fate a lesson to my eyes concerned
and overwhelmed theirs were of fear and i am feelin so empty inside
and yet it bruns so akward this time it's something with my pride lies
i cannot hide my true side and maybe in distress i can still come out laughing
that's the way i am this little boy proud of helping those in need
but he's not me but just maybe he could be
i can see it now because i am a hero to his eyes
temporarily blind this immature kid a spirit as well an angel hiding by helping
and wanting to understand me tears a waterfall of acide
cries from his eyes i need to recognize it's meant to be
am i hard to recognize what do i need to realize
why can't i see with my own fucking eyes what do i need to see

6. Flatline

i don't care what you think about me...
stuck in flatline but i'm still breathin' thinkin' about my options' time
to make my decision 'cause it's so easy makin' it difficult to choose
i choose myself rather than conform for you, take your authority and shove it,
individual in charge you've got to love it, absent minded blue collar worker,
a jerk or whatever you think i should be...
i don't give a damn what you think about me, your vision's distorted,
and your ego's in charge

7. Comeback

ill times rollin' lackin the flow ache in my throat and wisdom seems so lost,
and yet it's better in ways it's different,
i miss those oldschool meditations when relaxing
and getting visions was a given w/
my eyes closed i propose a toast, to myself to find the time to ask my lord
and galaxy to point me in the right direction,
i got my foot in the door,
i gotta keep on writin' and stay planted to this world,
be4 i can take off....
please come back to me i need to say goodbye to these old ways
stagnant lifestyle's no longer in my way, i gotta keep on movin',
so i pray, and wait for a sign from my guides, they help me proceed as i lay,
and dream of my future, i miss those times....
cumback to me.....

8. Mirrors Reflection

I'm your mirror's reflection,
what you don't like about me is what you hate in yourself,
you should see through others eyes
be4 you go ahead and make 'em feel like shit stop it
but you won't because you hate yourselves images bitch,
sometimes i get so frustrated haunting visions in the back of my mind,
oh you struck a pose w/
your hand extended open arms in an idiocratic ways you try to lie to yourselves
but you can't break through that sacred wisdom of your spirit...
sometimes i would give anything just to be somethin more than nothin'...